Totalamp Main Window

Main windows allows you to perform basic operations and access core Totalamp features.

User Interface

Totalamp main window and UI elements


Playback Buttons

When you click on next track, always the next track in tree starts to play (filtering and sorting has no impact on this, it might happen that next track will not be visible). Same playlist may be opened in two tabs in music commander and in a separate playlist window, and all of them might have different settings (position, expanded or collapsed folders, filter, sorting).

When shuffle is ON, previous and next folder buttons do not have any effect.

Shuffle Modes

You can turn shuffling ON and OFF by shuffle button. Small light on the button indicates the mode. When you turn it OFF, next track is normally selected and played. When shuffle is ON, whole playlist is shuffled. Once the whole sequence is played, whole playlist is shuffled again. This is done also when some track is added or deleted.

Repeat Modes

There are three repeat modes:

Next folder button functionality example


Displays track artwork (cover) when found. When you click on it, separate Artwork window is opened or closed. For more information on embedded covers and disk files with graphics, see Artwork window help page.

Quick Acces Panel

It is 2D area where you can place tracks, radios, playlists, emotions and attributes. See Music board window for more information.

Winamp Icon

Winamp icon indicates whether Winamp is running (icon is colored) or not (icon is in grey).

When you click on the icon and Winamp is not running, system tries to start Winamp.

When Winamp is running and you click on the icon, system will minimize or restore Winamp (restore will not work when "Keep Winamp minimized" is turned on, see Options :: General.

You can use custom icon.

You can define what Winamp should do when Totalamp starts and terminates, see Options :: General.

Context Menu

Few commands are available in context menu, they should be self explanatory. For more information on main window configuration, see Options :: Main panel :: General and other settings.

Main window context menu

Keyboard Shortcuts

For keyboard shortcuts which apply to main window, see Keyboard Shortcuts.

Technical note: left-right balance slider is not present. If you want to change padding, set this directly in Winamp.

See also Keyboard shortcuts

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