Music Board (2D Playlist)

Music board allows you to place tracks, subtracks, radios, playlists, emotions and attributes on 2D area, where you can easily access them. When you double-click on item, playback starts automatically. When you double-click on emotion or attribute, internal playlist containing such tracks and subtracks will be generated and played.

User interface

Music Board (2D Playlist) window

You can open Music Board window by clicking on "2D" button on Main window.

Context Menu

Music Board context menu

You can use several context menu commands, for example displaying background image, which can be configured in Options :: Boards, you can display hidden objects (out of current window boundaries), you can edit selected object, you can start playback of selected object, etc.

Selecting and manipulating objects

You can select objects in a standard way (selecting by mouse), using CTRL key to add objects to current selection, you can drag (move) objects within music board.

Adding objects

To add objects, you drag them from music commander or playlists (tracks, subtracks, radios, tabs, playlists) or you can add them by buttons (emotions and attributes).

For Music Board configuration, see Options :: Boards.

See also Music Sphere.

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