Options :: General

This tab allows you to set things like Winamp actions, system tray and taskbar.

User interface

Options :: General

When Totalamp starts

You can set what happens after you run Totalamp.

When Totalamp closes

You can set what happens after you close Totalamp.

Logo icon

You can use custom icon on main window.

Icon on main window

Taskbar and system tray in normal and minimized mode

For both normal and minimized mode, you can set where Totalamp will be accessible, i.e., in system tray and / or taskbar.

Taskbar title

You can set what will be displayed in taskbar title.

System tray controls

You can set which playback controls will be displayed in system tray.

Icons in system tray

Winamp path

You can specify path for winamp.exe. This path is used when you set "Start Winamp" after Totalamp start.

Keep Winamp minimized

When checked, it is not possible to restore Winamp application (Totalamp would immediately minimize it). This setting is used so that only one user interface is visible to avoid confusion. When you turn it off, you can display both Totalamp and Winamp windows next to each other.

Default: true.

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