Generators allow you to create new playlist according to your criteria, or to export files to specified directory.

User interface

Generators table

This table displays generators (ID and name). You can change generators names, you can create new generator, you can delete existing generator.

When you select specific generator, you can define its criteria and create new playlists or export files to specified directory.

Generate new playlist

You can create new playlist based on specified criteria. New generated playlist will be visible in Playlists window.

Also subtracks will be used in the generated playlist.

You can set whether playback should automatically start after new playlist is generated.

Generator parameters

You can define generator criteria based on emotions, attributes and playlists. You can choose AND or OR condition. When AND is selected, then only tracks which have all selected emotions and attributes and which exist in selected playlists will be exported. If OR is selected, then all tracks which have at least some of the selected emotions or attributes or exist in selected playlists will be exported.

Export to specified directory

You can define export directory, total filesize limit, individual filesize limits and you can set whether only mp3 files will be exported. Export starts after you click on "Export Music Files" button.

Note: subtracks will not be exported.

Note: you should manually clean the export directory if required.

Note: if equal filename during export exists, the file will not be deleted, it will be renamed (prefix counter will be added to the filename).

See also Export Music Files

See also Playlists

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