You can setup the following parameters:



  1. Select a team for players. If you want to play a team game, make active at least 2 players (not "OFF") and assign them at least 2 different teams.

  2. Select a player. Make active at least 2 players (not "OFF").

    You can click the "Active" item to select all players at once.

  3. Select left, right and fire keys for human players.

  4. Select a job for players (see jobs).

    You can click the "Jobs" item to select the same job for all players at once.

  5. Select "ON"/"OFF" bonuses (see bonuses).

  6. Select speed. It can be either constant or accelerating. If accelerating is selected then the transition from the start "from" speed to the end "to" speed will take 10 seconds and then the "to" speed will remain active.

  7. Select the starting position, that means, in which places will the worms be located in the beginning.

  8. Select the number of games. It means, the number of games that the match will consist of.

  9. Select the "Show"/"Hide" game number. If "Show", the game number will be displayed during the match.

  10. Select the "Show"/"Hide" game time. If "Show", the game time will be displayed during the match. The game time is displayed in seconds.

  11. Select the "Show"/"Hide" real time. If "Show", real time will be displayed during the match. The real time is displayed in HH:MM format.

  12. Select the "Show"/"Hide" score. If "Show", the score will be displayed during the match. It may be useful not to know who the winner is during the game.

  13. Select the "Show"/"Surprise" positions. If "Surprise", the worms will only be displayed after the 3,2,1,GO! countdown.

  14. Select the "ON"/"OFF" background effect. If "ON", dark lines in the background will be creating an effect of movement during the game.

  15. Select the "ON"/"OFF" sounds. If "OFF", no sounds will be played.

  16. Select the "ON"/"OFF" speech. If "OFF", no speech sounds will be played.

  17. Select the "ON"/"OFF" music. If "OFF", no music will be played.

  18. Select the "LEFT RIGHT"/"RIGHT LEFT" stereo mixing. If you hear sounds that should be heard from left in the right side, click this item to swap channels.


Click the "Back" item to return to main menu.