by Michal Farkaš, 2005


Welcome to the ultimate worms-deathmatch experience.


Navigate your worm, beat up your opponents and survive.




The worm is always moving forward. You can use the turn left, turn right and fire functions. Before the game starts, you can choose a special ability assigned to the fire key. During the game, you can collect bonuses and use them against your enemy. You can play either on your own or as a part of a team.


You have full mana pool (80 points) in the beginning of the game. When you press or hold down the fire button your mana will decrease. You can recharge your mana by picking up bonuses.

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So, set up your worm and let's go playing! Enjoy!


Used libraries


Chiptunes (various sources)


This game is freeware. You can copy it and use it freely. You are not allowed to charge for the software.



Copyright © 2005 Michal Farkaš