Options :: Boards

These settings allow you to configure quick access panel on main window, music board (2D) window and music sphere (3D) window. Basically you can define text and icon sizes, gradient effects and background images.

User interface

Options :: Boards

Apply text object width maximum

This setting allows you to define maximum width of text in pixels. You can use it when there are too long titles and you do not want to display whole text.

Default: true
Default values: 64 / 256 / 312 (quick access panel / music board / music sphere)

Use gradient effect at the right end of text (subsequent setting)

When maximum width is set, in this subsequent setting you can use gradient fade-out effect at the right end of text.

Default: true

Icons size

You can define sizes of emotions icons.

Allowed values: 8-32, 8-64, 8-64 (quick access panel / music board / music sphere)
Default values: 12, 16, 24

Font size

You can define text sizes (i.e., tracks, subtracks, radios, playlists, attributes)

Allowed values: 8 (fixed), 8-64, 8-64 (quick access panel [fixed] / music board / music sphere)
Default values: 8, 12, 16

Quick access panel and music board have the following additional settings:

Auto aligning when moving objects (grid 4x4)

When you move objects, they can be aligned to grid 4x4.

Default: false

Show grid when moving objects (subsequent setting)

Grid can be displayed when moving objects.

Default: false

Use background image

You can define specific background image in quick access panel and music board.

Default: true

Background image example in quick access panel in main window

Note: you cannot move objects in music sphere, you can only change its rotation position by holding middle mouse button. Objects are automatically distributed on sphere when added or removed.

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