Options :: Playlists

This tab allows you to set how playlists and music commander look like. You can set tabs and fonts sizes, selected items, etc.

User interface

Options :: Main panel :: Playlists

Show track number before track title

When checked, in track column where track title is displayed, also track number is displayed.

Default: true.

Technical note: depending on what is displayed, the following applies:

Example: playlist "Concert", containing track, subtrack, track and subtrack. They all have number before title, subtracks are not indented in playlist.

Example: track has number before title, subtracks are not numbered in database tree, subtracks are indented in database tree

Show subtrack [ start - end ] after subtrack title in playlists

When checked, starting and ending time is added to the end of subtrack title in playlists.

Default: true

Comparison of three subtracks displayed in playlist when this setting is on / off

Show tree branches

When checked, also tree branches are displayed when tree structure is present (i.e. folders).

Default: true

Comparison of tree branches displayed in playlist when this setting is on / off

Show multiple views

When checked, also multiple views switches are available at the left-bottom of the window. Five views are available.

Default: true

Technical note: search and sorting is per view. Headers cannot be configured per view. Selections are not per view (when you select something, e.g. folder, and you switch to another view where only some tracks from this folder are shown and not the folder itself, you cannot deselect them because their parent folder is also selected).

Technical note: when you are using e.g. 2nd view, and you turn this feature off, you continue using this 2nd view (and currently you cannot change it by mouse nor by keyboard shortcuts CTLR+1 - CTRL+5).

Multiple views

Show search filter field

When checked, search filter is shown and you can use it for filtering tracks, radios and playlists.

Default: true

Technical note: when you turn search filter field off, search filtering is disabled.

Search field

Show now playing track field

When checked, now playing track field is displayed.

Default: true

Note: when you doubleclick on this field, filtering and sorting is cancelled and playlist is scrolled so that now playing track is in the middle.

Note: you can scroll (move) displayed text by dragging.

Technical note: when you turn search filter field off, search filtering is disabled.

Technical note: visibility of displayed UI elements is managed automatically depending on how much space is available (current width of window).

Now playing track field

Show focused GUI element frame

When checked, a frame is shown depending on which UI element is selected. For example, in music commander, it can be either tabs, tracks or search field on both panels.

Default: false

Technical note: music board, music sphere, artwork and lyrics windows have only one UI element which can be selected.

Displayed focused GUI element frame

Apply gradient effects in windows background

When checked, simple gradient effect are rendered in windows background.

Default: true

Note: this setting has impact on all windows.

Show odd and even rows in different background colors

When checked, odd and even rows are distinguished using different background colors.

Default: false

Show header vertical lines

When checked, dotted vertical lines are displayed for each column, separating visually its values.

Default: true

Highlight column name on mouse over

When checked, while mouse is on header column, its text (title) is highlighted.

Default: false

Prefer box folder icon

When checked, box folder icon is used. Otherwise, triangular icons are used.

Default: true

Folder icons comparison

Show icons on database related tabs

When checked, tabs "Database", "Tree" and "Radio" contain simple icons. Otherwise, they look like playlists tabs.

Default: true

Icons in tabs ON / OFF comparison


These settings allow you to define font size and tab width.

Note: you can change this size using CTRL + mouse wheel movement while mouse is on specific UI element (tab, header, content).

Note: you can reset this size using CTRL + mouse wheel button click when mouse is on specific UI element.

Note: you can reset all three sizes using CTRL + 0.

Selected items display

These settings allow you to define how selected items (which are usually tracks) look like, the following options are available:

Selected items display modes comparison

Font display

These settings allow you to define how fonts are rendered. The following options are available:

Note: this setting does not have impact on main window (its texts rendering options are predefined and cannot be changed).

Font rendering algorithms comparison

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