Display Title Generator Parameters

You can use display title generator parameters to generate titles for your tracks. This generator works only for MP3 files. If you prefer other formats, you might want to use "Custom" display title mode and get track title from Winamp (see also Options :: Custom).

User interface

Display title generator parameters

If you use ID3 tag, it will work only for MP3 files. If tag is not present in the file, the filename will be used.


You can define order of groups which are found in ID3 tag, i.e., number, artist, title and album. You can define group separator string, for example if artist is "Beethoven" and title is "Waldstein Sonata" and separator is " - ", then the result is "Beethoven - Waldstein Sonata".

You can define character which will be removed from the track title, you can define characters which will be replaced by defined character.

You can define case formatting and removal of two or more repeating space characters.

Note: if ID3v2 fields are present, they are prefered.

Note: if no fields are in ID3, filename is used.

See also Track Information

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