Database :: Remove

This tab allows you to perform remove operations. Please be careful when removing data, especially not found tracks.

User interface

Confirmation checkbox

In order to enable buttons for remove operations, this setting has to be checked.

Remove all playlists

This operation removes all existing playlists.

Note: removes all "classic" playlists. It will not remove quick access panel, music board and music sphere objects.

Note: this operation also removes all folders in Playlists window.

Remove all subtracks

This operation removes all subtracks in all tracks. All usages (references) of subtracks in playlists, quick access panel, music board and music sphere will be removed.

Remove all unused tracks

This operation removes all tracks which are not used in playlists. If track is not used and its subtrack is, it will not be removed. If track does not exist in any playlist and if it exists in quick panel or music board or music sphere, it will be removed.

Remove all not found tracks

This operations removes all track from database which were not found in listed directories during last updated. See Track system attributes.

Wipe complete database

This operation wipes your database completely and new database file will be created from scratch.

See also Database :: Update

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