Welcome, space-time traveller through the galaxy, in my specific little corner of the universe. Here you can discover my projects and geeky stuff related to classic retro games, math, pixels and so on. Enjoy your stay.

totalamp features perfect extension Totalamp

Totalamp is a professional music management system and Winamp controller. Totalamp is a Windows application and it allows you to use: redesigned customizable classical retro user interface, complete tree structure in playlists, full CUE sheets and subtracks support, intelligent bilingual lyrics display and editor, music (total) commander, and many other features. This way, you can manage your local music collection.

totalamp features perfect extension

totalamp features perfect extension Wurmiemania

Welcome to the ultimate worms-deathmatch experience. Navigate your worm, beat up your opponents and survive. This is a classical offline PC game, where multiple players use one keyboard and have a hell lot of fun shooting down each other.

wurmiemania worms cool arcade pc action game