The history of Wurmie Mania


2005-10-11 Version 1.6

   - Few fixes


2005-08-19 Version 1.3

   - Bug removed

   - Sounds and music should be off temporarily due to some mysterious problems


2005-08-18 Version 1.2 is out.

   - Viruses have colors of their players

   - 64 viruses (4 batches) can be now be released (not only one as before)

   - New worms: virus controller, pauser

   - Speeder can go 2 times faster now (not x1.5 as before)

   - Anti-rocket, anti-virus bonuses added

   - Shooter's shots are smaller

   - A bit smarter AI

   - Minor fixes

   - Thanks goes to Janka, Andy, Kopto and Paula for testing and suggestions, Picaso for huge sound support


2005-08-16 Version 1.1 is out.

   - New worms: reproducer, erector (by Kopto), teleporter (by Marci), shooter (by Rezo), infernal, thicker (by Janka)

   - Random worm

   - New starting position, sound icons added, more music, speech voices

   - Multiselection (job, player)

   - Minor fixes


2005-07-27 The first version (1.0) of Wurmie Mania is out. Twelve worms available, 2 types of AI.