Options :: Main panel :: Entertainment Effect

This tab allows you to set entertainment effect on main panel. It might remind you some auto radio effects.

User interface

Options :: Main panel :: Entertainment Effect

Entertainment effect example

Odd lines darkening %

When "effect on" is checked, you can make odd lines darker which creates tv-like effect. Value 0 means that odd lines have the same intensity as even lines. Value 50 means that odd lines have half intensity of even lines. Value 100 means that odd lines will not be visible at all.

Allowed values: 0 - 100

Default value: 50

You can set entertainment effect depending on whether playback is running, or playback is paused, or there is no playback.

Effect on

If checked, then the effect is active for specific playback setting.

Default: true for all three playback settings.


This defines how visible the effect is for specific playback setting. Value 0 means no visibility (it is equivalent to unchecked "Effect on" setting). Value 255 means maximum visibility.

Allowed values: 0 - 255

Default values: 180 for playback, 96 for pause and 0 for no playback.

Smooth transition

If checked, it takes cca 1 second to change the effect when playback state is changed. Otherwise, setting is applied instantly.

Default: true

Note: playback / pause / no playback are states of Winamp. This means, when you change the playback state in Winamp, Totalamp will be displaying this state. For example, when you start Totalamp, and playback was already running in Winamp, the effect will use "playback" settings.

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